Monday, 19 August 2013

Increase Traffic

Reduce Load Time 

Hi friends we know that all blogger people want to increase their traffic so i tell you some tips.

# Low social networks icons

I tell you how to increase your traffic on blogs. So firstly keep in mind that only add some social icons. It means we add only our famous page like as Facebook,Twitter etc. 
If you have add more icons then when visitor's are click the page and it take to many seconds for loading all content and also update social networks. So reduce the icons. If you have more load time of blogs then visitor's will not come to here in future and not impress to your blogs. We all know about Facebook is the largest social community in the world.

# Main Content show on home page

 Content are play main role for every blogger blogs. So we show only our famous blogs on home page because page have took more time to update and it is not good for any blogs so visitor's are not like this. So to take action for your blogs.

# Remove Java script

If you have more use of Java script then it is cause of late page load. So you have used only require java script only in your template. And use more attractive template is come more visitor's for your blogs

# Low Intermediate Links

All blogger have known about not add more inter connection links. Because it have to take more time for load the page. You add only required links only not add useless links in the blogs. 

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